Holiday Camp Safety

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Holiday Camp Safety

Schools out, the holidays are here, and it's time for fun, fun, fun. At some point in the holidays you may choose to book your little one a place on one of their favourite summer activity camps. The idea may sound great but does your camp tick all the boxes?.. The important question is does your summer camp provide the safe and caring environment and does it actively follow the safeguarding guidlines required to look after your little one?

We have put together an essential summer camp tick list for parents helping you make sure your camp is everything that you wish for....

Is your Camp appropriate for your child?

An engaged child is a happy child. Find a Camp that your child is excited to go to but make sure the content is appropriate. Children's needs and welfare should be promoted through appropriate activities and play, which develop children’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual capabilities. Whatever you choose make sure that age appropriate Camp activities have been carefully selected to provide a varied timetable throughout their experience. All Fantasy Kids Clubs are expertly designed to keep all little ones busy every second of the day and the time tables allow children to participate at a level that they feel comfortable with. We recognise that children have a range of interests and that they learn and complete tasks at different speeds and our flexible daily structure and high staff ratios make sure that each individual childs needs are catered for.

Are the staff qualified to look after my child?

It is the responsibility of those hosting, planning or providing your camp to ensure that those running the activity are suitable to do so. Its important that you check:

  • All staff are fully CRB checked
  • They have appropriate insurance for all activities
  • They have a safeguarding children policy
  • They have emergency and medical procedures in place
  • They have appropriate qualifications for the activities being delivered
  • They have at least one first aider present at all times

It is also important that your Camp has a Health & Safety Procedure in place along with up to date Risk Assesments. At Fantasy Kids Clubs we provide a Camp Information Pack available for parents to view upon request with details of all of the above. We encourage our parents to ask the questions as every Childs safety is our number one priority.

Is your camp registered with OFSTED?

Holiday care providers are not all required to be fully registered with OFSTED. However, like Fantasy Kids Clubs, holiday care providers can be on the Voluntary OFSTED Register and follow the guidelines making sure they provide a safe care environment for your little one.

Does the Camp have adequate staff ratios per child?

Staff ratios range depending on the age of the children attending. Based on OFSTED guidelines the majority of childcare settings should adhere to the following recommended adult to child ratios... .


Child’s age     Amount of adults    Amount of children

0–2                                1                                 3

2–3                                1                                 4

4–8                                1                                 6

9 – 12                            1                                 8

13 – 18                          1                                10


 When you have booked a place on your chosen Camp and your little one is having amazing holiday fun here are a few things you can do ...
  1. Be prepared.... Make sure your little one has appropriate clothing and footwear for all Camp activities. Provide them with a coat for outdoors should the weather require and make sure they have an energy filled packed lunch.
  2. Make collection arrangements.... If you are not collecting your little one at the end of the day make sure you notify a member of staff. Fantasy Kids Clubs have a strict collection arrangement procedure in place and will not let little ones leave the premises without their parent/guardian unless they have been previously notified.
  3. Provide your contact details.... In case of an emergency it is important that your Camp organisers know exactly where and how to contact you. It is also advisable to provide the contact details of another family member or friend. We make sure we have all of this information when you book online via our secure website but it is always best to check with your chosen Camp staff before you leave the premises.

..... And finally


Your camp should be 100% committed to providing a safe and fun environment for your little one and they should therefore welcome your questions and be happy to help you.

Wishing you all very happy safe holidays and we hope to see you at one of our Camps soon.

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For more information about child care safety and holiday care requirements you can visit the OFSTED website.

Published on 1st May 2013 at 11:28:00 by Fantasy Kids Clubs


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